Krautrocksessions 1994 - 2001

by Space Debris



This is the first studio album from Space Debris and first released in 2002 only on DLP-Vinyl, later as CD, also.
""From the opening bars of ‘Long Distance Voyager’ it is very evident that this music is rooted in early seventies improvisational space rock- wah wah guitar, cowbell, organ, memorable riffing over a solid rhythm section (impressive drumming by producer Christian Jager) and to top it all some frenzied guitar soloing amidst swirling Hammond. Focus at full throttle came to mind. Tom Kunkel’s organ plays a prominent part in ‘Green Skies’ and that allied to the guitar blasts and Christian’s hand percussion reminded me of Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express at their most expansive (‘Closer To It’ era). ‘We Were at the Moon Before you Were at the Moon’ starts off like between manic early Pink Floyd and Keith Emerson’s Nice, a phenomenal 10 minute workout that never fails to hold the attention through many intriguing and invigorating twists and turns. This is followed by the shortest number on the album ‘Lorna’s Vibrator’ (the ‘long’ version two tracks later isn’t actually much longer but has some fine Focus styled vocalisation) ‘Nuff & Nunner’ is another dynamic rhythmic piece with more excellent musicianship. ‘Phobos Was Here’ is perhaps the most intriguing track- almost atonal and counterpointal in its free form fusion jazz- the guitar soloing is stunning. I thought of Brand X here. ‘Big Baby’s Birthday’ is a pleasant surprise, a blues with Tom Kunkel on vocals, some electric piano, brooding organ chords and a rich and evocative atmosphere. Bass guitarist Thomas Schutz gets a chance to get up and down the fretboard here. The guitar playing as usual is expressive and emotionally charged. I think you can guess I’m enjoying this! And there’s more to come- a breakneck speed blues ‘Gaspra 951’ flows like a supercharged John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.. The reflective ‘Daydream’ is further evidence that Space Debris owe as much to early progressive blues as to Krautrock. Another astronomical reference ‘Miranda’ finishes the set off with vocals reminiscent of late 60s UK blues rock outfits with solos taken on cue- it sums up so much of that era in less than 3 minutes! Top quality music- an authentic time travelling trip, this is one CD I’ll be returning to real soon!" (Phil Jackson from Acid Dragon Print Magazin)

"Other than the Amon Düül and Can analogies other reviewers have compared them to Santana, Allman Brothers and early Deep Purple, though to my ears it's a gorgeously psychedelic and proggy take on those bands. If you like early 70's jamming prog-psych in general you'll love this. Man, that organ sounds beautiful!!!" (Aural Innovations/USA)


released January 1, 2002

Tom Kunkel hammond, vocals (9)
Christian Jäger drums, congas (2)
Tommy Gorny guitar (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12), Vocals (5, 7)

Uwe Moldryzk bass (1, 2, 3, 12), wahwah-guitar (1)
Jochen Meister guitar (3, 10)
Eric Bläss guitar (9, 11)
Rainer Kühnel bass (9)
Thomas Schütz bass (10)
Sven Köthe vocals (12)

recorded, mixed & mastered & cover-idea by Christian Jäger

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Space Debris Weinheim, Germany

Space Debris are a german band whose music will transport you back 30 years to the pioneering days of Krautrock and Progressive influenced Psychedelia.

Space Debris create a dazzling and complicated blend of 70's style classic rock jams, Krautrock, space rock, psychedelia and fusion jazz.

14 CDs / 8 also as Vinyl /2 also as DVD, + 1 vinyl-single.

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